“Working with Toni is marvelous: she is intuitive, patient, curious and knowledgeable – wonderful traits in anyone, absolutely necessary for a successful real estate partnership. And working with her is a partnership. She is relentlesss in nailing down exactly what you are looking for in a home. At the same time, she gets the intangibles – the feel, the vibe, the aesthetics, even when you can’t find the exact words. She is also very prudent – she is going to be your best financial advocate and really works to keep you focused on what you need. These skills are essential with someone like me who is always looking “over there” and easily distracted by “pretty” or (worse) “interesting” houses that serve no purpose other than to distract and waste valuable energy. Which isn’t to say we didn’t wander down a few less-traveled paths on the journey to finding the best possible home for me.”

— Content in Kenton

“Toni is a miracle worker, therapist, and life coach masquerading as a real estate agent. Which is a good thing, because buying a first home requires all of those skills! Couldn’t be more happy with my wonderful home.”

— Caitlin, happy Sunnyside neighborhood homeowner

“Working with Toni was fantastic! She took time to coach us on the market, on the neighborhoods and the whole process which can be overwhelming as a first time homebuyer. Her handling of offers and negotiations were very professional and above all she really listened to what we were looking for and didn’t waste time with listings that didn’t fit our needs. My wife and I really recommend her!”

— Augusto, owner Nossa Familia Coffee

“We never thought our house would sell quickly in this economy. We were afraid of carrying two mortgages or having to find good renters again. However, having you as our real estate agent, there was nothing to be afraid of. You sold the house within 2 days for above asking price. Toni, you did it, and you did it well. You will be the one we come to for all our real estate transactions!”

— The Scaredy Cat Chiarattis

“Toni is amazing, very responsive and super helpful. We were first time buyers looking for our “forever home”. We had lots of questions and Toni was very patient. We couldn’t imagine going through this process with anyone else and wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to any of our friends or coworkers.”

— Mary and Jason

“My family has been in the residential real estate business for over 40 years and I can safely say that I know the real estate game and I know excellent agents from mediocre ones. Toni is truly a genius when it comes to all things real estate-related. I get the sense there isn’t a single thing she hasn’t seen when it comes to guiding someone through the process of buying or selling a home. She also has excellent interpersonal skills that help her navigate the emotions clients may have that come along with these types of transactions. I consider myself lucky to be one of her clients and trust her wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

— Natalie W.

“When I started my home buying search in Portland I didn’t really give too much thought as to the importance of a real estate agent. But then I met Toni and she was instrumental in helping me buy my dream house in NE Portland. What I value most about Toni is that her interests are truly aligned with you. She talked me out of making offers on certain houses when I was starting to feel impulsive (even though it might have been in her best interest) and when just the right house came along, she crafted an offer (below asking) that was accepted and expertly handled all of the details to ensure everything went smoothly at closing. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else for a real estate transaction in Portland and you would be hard pressed to find anyone in Portland with more experience, knowledge, and professionalism than Toni Mikel.”

— Rob Nachbar

“I’ve worked with a number of realtors over the years in multiple cities and states. I’ve been especially impressed with Toni’s integrity, knowledge of the changing nature of the industry, access to quality resources, and attention to detail, both before and after the sale.”

— Satisfied SW Seller

“Toni is a sharp, tactical, hand-to-hand street fighter of an agent. I feel fortunate that she’s has been at my side fighting for me numerous times. Toni helped me buy my first house and my second and now my third. I couldn’t be happier!”

— J. Green

“In January we fell in love with a Mt. Tabor home. In only a few weeks, we made an offer and Toni listed our then home. Everything went smoothly and our previous home went pending with multiple offers after only 3 days. We bought our dream home and sold our previous home all within about a month. We returned to Toni this spring to sell our condo as well. Again the process was fantastic and the condo was sold quickly and efficiently. Toni handles all the behind the scenes magic with grace and expertise. We’ll definitely be referring her to all our friends.”

— Heidi S., Happy in Mt Tabor

“Toni is frank, ferocious, and helped me go after and get my dream first home in what I thought was an impossible market. She walked me through every step of the process, and throughout I learned a lot and was also comforted by her approach. No question was too minute for Toni, and she was always approachable, clear, and honest….I appreciate, too, the chance to work with a strong woman–with Toni, the whole process of home buying was empowering and feminist. I heard about Toni through a friend, and have gone on to recommend her to four different friends who have all bought homes through her. I recommend her with enthusiasm.”

— Kate B.

“In contrast to what most people think, the ‘art’ of selling real estate successfully and ethically is to find a way to manage and balance the emotions of several high-strung parties at once and, in the end, achieve the goal that is stated by and is in the best interest of your client without being dishonest or misleading to any of the parties that you befriended and pacified in order to put the thing together.”

— Toni Mikel