Toni Mikel

My parents, both Realtors, raised me in a southwestern Washington city that I affectionately refer to as Vantucky. After much fussing and rebellion, I succumbed to fate and got my real estate license in 1998. In 2003, I was chosen as one of the top “30 under 30” Realtors in the country by Realtor Magazine and was also the youngest Realtor ever featured on the cover of Portland’s “Broker/Agent Magazine.” In 2006, I opened Bluebird Real Estate and have since then been enjoying the freedom and creativity to model my business to fit my clients’ needs.

Real estate is a funny business. It is on one hand intensely technical and on the other requires a lot of creativity. I have found that it is a perfect fit for my skill set on a professional level, but, more importantly to me personally, the rewards in the relationships I gain are invaluable. My job is a service I provide because I care about people and, because of how much I care, I make it a point to be as technically excellent as possible.

In my “free time,” I love food, wine, nature, reading, gardening, soccer, travel and languages. At some point, I will take a sabbatical to finish writing the book I began in 2006. In the meantime, I am learning mandarin and doing my best to keep my husband and a lot of plants alive.